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Workouts for Muscle Toning in Women

Women want toned and sleek look, which does not appear muscular. To get that long lean muscles, you need to do strength training using a low amount of weight. You may use free weights or strength training machines to tone the groups of muscles in chest, arms, abdomen, shoulders, back, and legs. The exercises should be performed in more sets with more repetitions to get that toned physique. Consider a Coquitlam group personal training so that you have other people to train with and see how others are making efforts to achieve their fitness goals.

Targeting the upper body

If you want to target the upper body, dumbbells are ideal tools to use. The dumbbells target the muscles you want to train and help build stability. You may want to begin with dumbbell bench presses as well as inclined and declined dumbbells chest presses to target the lower, central, and upper pectoral muscles. Other exercises you can do are dumbbells biceps curls, triceps extensions, and military presses to help in strengthening shoulders and arms.

Targeting lower body

If you want to strengthen the hips, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps, you may want to use barbell and dumbbells. Placing a barbell across the shoulders or holding dumbbells in both hands at shoulder height then doing basic lunges and squats can work the lower body muscles.

Targeting the abdominals

You can train abdominals with body resistance exercises meaning you only need the weight of your body to tone the muscles. You can perform the traditional crunches in order to help in strengthening the central abdomen. To modify the exercise, just twist from left to right while the chest approaches the knees. Twist crunches will target the obliques and tone the side of the abdomen.

Targeting the entire body

You do not want to do spot training where you only target a particular body part and that is all. You should focus on having a rounded exercise that will work on the entire body. Strength training will help in getting a toned lean muscle but aerobics helps cut down the fat in body so that the newly sculpted muscles can be revealed or seen. You can do about 30 minutes of aerobics in a day so that you blast that fat from the body