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Some Butt Exercises a Woman Can do While Laying Down

Majority of women carry weighty buttocks and they would like to tone their butt. Cardio exercises such as swimming, walking, and biking can help in burning fat in the entire body, but to strengthen and tone the rear, it requires some specific moves that targets the muscles. There are a number of exercises, which you can do in a Coquitlam group personal training to work the butt and shape it. These exercises include the supermans, stability ball roll in, hip lift progression, and side lying hip abduction.

  • Supermans helps work the butt as well as the hips. It is an effective exercise for those who would like to tone their butt.
  • Hip lift progression is designed to work on muscles in buttocks. It may also assist in easing back pain or discomforts.
  • Stability ball roll in is done using stability ball. This ball is useful in working many muscles since it helps challenge your balance. Although this stability ball roll in does not require too much time, it produces toning benefits.
  • Side lying hip abduction is a workout that challenges the muscles on the side of the butt. It is an exercise you would want to include in your butt exercises so that you get a well rounded workout.

You may want to work the muscle in butt for about two to three times in a week with some rest in between. Seeking the help of a personal trainer will ensure each move is executed properly and safely. Training in a group also creates some level of competition. To perform the supermans exercise, you lie on the stomach and have the legs and the arms extended while the toes remain pointed behind.

Keep the palms facing each other. Ensure the neck is loose and the head is in line with the backbone. While exhaling, lift the legs and arms off floor to reach about 2 to 3 inches then hold to that position for a number of seconds. While inhaling, lower the legs and arms to start position. Ensure you do not move the head and neck, and the back is not arched during the move. You can do about 10 to 20  reps.