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A Few Office Workouts You Can Perform To Keep Fit

For those who spend extended time sitting on their desk at work, they put themselves at risk of suffering from conditions like obesity, heart failure, diabetes, or early death. Sitting may also affect your posture and core stability. When you sit for too long, it causes the body to shut down meaning the metabolic level is really low. The circulation slows down, which implies that the body burns few calories. You can talk to a personal trainer who provides Coquitlam group personal training to discover which exercises you could do right in your office.

Since your schedule could be an obstacle to finding time for the gym, you may want to spare some little time and do a few exercise that can work on different muscle groups and help in your fitness.

Forearm exercises

Exercises like wrist extension and flexion will target the forearm muscles, and they may be done easily at your desk with use of resistance band. In performing wrist extension, you make a loop using the resistance band. You do this by tying ends together. Now, you sit on your chair and holding the knotted end using the right hand, then you step on loop with the right foot.

You begin by resting the forearm on the thigh while the palm faces up. Then bend the wrist and curl the hand toward the body. Take a pause and slowly lower the hand to the start position. Switch arms after 15 minutes. If you want to perform wrist flexion, you start like you did with the wrist extension but this time with the palm facing the floor. Now bend the wrist backward so that you draw the back of the hand toward you. Again, after 15 seconds, you can switch the arms.

Lower leg exercise

Holding on to the desk or chair, stand straight with the feet placed hip width apart. Now slowly lift the heels off floor and raise up to the balls of the feet making sure you go as far as you can. Ensure you hold for about 2 seconds and slowly lower the back to floor. You can continue for about 30 seconds.

These are just a few of the exercises you could do in your office and they take pretty little time. In as short as 5 minutes, you could work out your body and stay fit.