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Burn Calories With Walking Exercise

If you are aiming to burn calories, you will find a plethora of exercises you can perform. Some of these exercises may offer effective results while others could strain your joints. Walking is considered a low impact exercise, which puts less pressure on joints. It is among the most important exercises that you can use. The next time you go for a Coquitlam group personal training, ask the personal trainer how you could do walking to shed the extra pounds.

According to American Council on Exercise, walking is among the popular low impact exercises, which people can choose. It will not cost you a penny to start a walking program but you need to ensure you pick the right clothing and shoes for the walking. A sturdy pair of shoes designed for walking exercises can make the most out of the workout.

If it is those days when the weather does not permit, you may consider doing the walk on a treadmill. This equipment of gym allows exercisers to control the duration and speed of their workouts. Since it moves unlike the ground, which does not move, it may be more lenient to the joints.

When doing the walking exercise, the calories you will burn will largely depend on your weight as well as the energy you put in executing the step. For instance, a person who is weighing 160 pounds can burn as much as 276 calories during an hour of brisk walking- that is, 3.5 miles in a hour. You can pick up the pace to about 4 mph and you could burn as much as 363 calories.

There are techniques you should use when you are walking so that you do not cause sprain on joints, legs, or the hip. You can learn more about brisk walking or walking for weight loss from a group personal trainer. You will get information on how you can keep safe when you do the exercise. Remember for you to shed the extra pounds, you will need to increase intensity and duration. You may want to incorporate some other exercises.