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How Can Cycling Help You In Shedding Fat?

The moment you begin workouts, you will discover that there is plenty you can do. From swimming, jogging, pushups, squats, deadlifts, to cycling, these are exercises, which can help in transforming your body. The cornerstone to your fitness training is the fitness goal you want to achieve. If you are losing weight, you have to understand that intensity and duration will play a big role in your workouts for you to see results. You can get results by consulting with a Port Coquitlam fitness trainers.

Cycling as well as stationery bikes produce exercises which are easy on joints. Recumbent exercise bikes may be better for the beginners since they provide more support for the back. Here is what you expect from a cycling exercise but remember that as with walking, the intensity will matter.

  • A person who weighs about 160 pounds in body weight could be able to burn as much as 290 calories if they cycle at a rate of about 5.5 mph in a duration of one hour. This is an estimate figure but it shows what you would expect to get from a workout involving cycle.
  • If you make the workout more intense, you could see an improvement. The more you cycle also means that you are able to burn more calories.
  • You may consider group cycle classes since you get motivation for the workout. When you work out in a group environment, you can easily push yourself to the limit since you are seeing other people do it. You do not want to be seen as the unfit one in the group.

Nonetheless, you also need to be careful especially if you are beginner. Some of these group training or classes may be too vigorous for the beginners. If you are doing your first cycling workouts, you may want to cycle at a pace that feels comfortable instead of trying to keep up with what others are doing, since it could result to injury or overworking of the body. As you progress, you may find that you have build both strength and endurance to take over the vigorous biking.