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Using Elliptical Machine to Torch Calories

As the weather turns unbearable, many people will head to gym and one machine they will use is the elliptical trainer. Elliptical machine is a gym equipment that provides workouts easy on joints. This grand cardio and total body exercise machine can be boring and repetitive especially if you do not know how to tailor the workouts to target different muscle groups and body parts. As a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer takes you through a series of workouts, you can find that there is more to get from this machine through the moves.

Elliptical machine is a great calorie burner able to burn about 371 calories in an individual who weighs about 160 pounds if he or she exercises for 45 minutes at a moderate to intense rate. Exercising on elliptical machine will give you a workout that decrease stress on knees, back, and hips since both feet will remain grounded all the time.

Since most of elliptical have handles resembling skip poles, they are also able to work the upper body too. Because the equipment might be boring with repetitive moves, you may want to vary the workout to challenge different groups. You can do a booty workout which targets glutes and hamstrings with a tweak of the incline on elliptical machine. This exercise can help you tone the backside and get a good cardio exercise.

Focus on keeping the heels down when you are on the machine. A core workout can be done by not using the handle in the elliptical as it engages the muscles of core because you are working harder to remain in balance on the machine. As you go faster, you will work the core more. The same way you exercise in a treadmill, you may also use the elliptical to do workouts that mimic the run you do on a treadmill.

In order to feel like you are on a treadmill, just leave alone the handles of the elliptical and instead place your arms as you do in a running position. Instead of spending some mindless 30 minutes on elliptical machine, you can maximize that time by performing such workouts.