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Leg Kickback Exercises You Can Do

If you are that person who sits in desk for better part of the day, you will need to consider doing more of leg kickback exercises. Sitting in desk for extended time allows the glutes or the muscles behind to become weak since you are not using them. One effective exercise that helps in toning glutes is the single leg kickback. This exercise also works on hamstrings located in back of legs. You can do this exercise about 3 times a week for around 10 reps in 3 sets. To ensure you perfect on the moves, you can contact a Port Coquitlam fitness to show you how the moves are executed.


Standing single leg kickback exercise

To do this exercise in a machine, you should make sure there is a low pulley that has an ankle cuff attachment. The weight stack needs to be adjusted to offer challenge but ensure you are not straining. By placing the cuff on one ankle, you grasp the bar using both hands then raise or lower your leg without the cuff. You can repeat and switch your legs. In case you are not using a machine, you may want to place both the hands on back of a very sturdy chair, then raise and lower one leg.


Doing single leg kickback on floor

If you are doing the exercise on floor, you start by having the palms and knees on floor. The back remains straight without an arch. With a parallel chin to ground, you lift one leg a bit from the ground and kick back. The toes should point the floor. After kicking back, draw the leg and position it to start.


A few things to note

When doing these exercises, you will have to maintain control in the entire workout. The leg movements ought to be slow and steady. You may want to keep the core tightened so as to avoid straining on the back. There is a common version of the same exercise where you need to use a machine but if you have no access to a gym facility, you would consider using body weight. The variations mainly consist of raising the legs at a time until one feels the glute muscles worked.