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What Are The Benefits of Leg Raise Exercises

A workout involving leg raises offers many benefits to different muscle groups as well as the overall strength. While there are different types of these leg raises which you can do, they most emphasis on different muscle groups. To get good results from these exercises, you would want to make sure you start with proper form while using the right technique and finish. In addition, make it regular to do the exercises. Since these moves are not easy to perform, you would want to consult with a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer to assist you in grasping the movements and doing them proper.

In leg raises, they are typically executed when one is lying on floor or alternatively hanging from chin up bar. You may also perform them from a raised curve bar. These different ways will provide different benefits in body and especially the lower abdominal muscles. The positioning and form during the exercise are very important. The leg raise exercises will work on the following group of muscles;

  • Lower back muscles- With regular execution of leg raises, it will help in lowering the risk of experiencing a back injury, strain, or pain when you perform other routines or daily activities. The focus of this exercise may not be on the back muscles but because it is a form of abdominal and core exercise, it will offer increased support for your back. The lower abdominals are the main focus in leg raises. Therefore, the exercises will support lower back and enhance stability and strength.
  • Abdominal/core muscle– The primary group of muscle that benefits from leg raises is the lower abdominal muscles. Hanging leg raises will fatigue both the lower and upper abdominals but for the floor leg raises, they will primarily work the lower abdominals.
  • Hip flexors- One thing about all types of leg raise exercises is that they will increase agility, flexibility, and strength of hip flexors. It will require hip joint movement when you do both bent knee as well as straight leg raise exercises. People with bad hips or suffering from arthritis may want to talk to their doctor before indulging in this exercise.

For the beginners or those who have under-developed or weak abs, they may find it hard to do the moves. It might even take some months or many reps before one could see results.