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Benefits of Performing Dumbbell Kickbacks

Dumbbell kickbacks can offer a number of perks ranging from having a toned and well defined body to increasing the metabolic rate. Weight lifting isn’t just restricted for men because women can too lift dumbbells and barbells. The dumbbell kickbacks focus mainly on arms though they can offer other benefits. In order to get desirable results from kickbacks, you should know how to execute them. A Port Coquitlam fitness coach may assist do the moves properly so that you do not injure yourself and you get the best results from the exercises. Here are a few things to know about dumbbell kickbacks;

  • In doing the exercises, you begin by kneeling with one leg on a bench and the knee is placed on the bench while the foot rests just at the end. The other leg remains straight as its foot stays flat to ground. Now you bend over and keep the back straight then support the upper body with the hand that is on the same side as the bent knee by placing it flat near the bench front. You now hold a dumbbell in opposite hand as the elbow bends at right angle and the biceps remain parallel to ground. This forms your starting point and you can now extend the arm behind to keep it straight and parallel with ground. You can repeat this exercise with opposite side.
  • Dumbbell kickbacks will target the triceps brachii. This isolation exercise also engages other muscle groups including the stabilizers such as the lats, deltoids, traps, and rhomboids needless to mention flexors and extensors of forearms. The exercise will also engage the abs and serratus anterior muscles.

You can do variations of the exercise in order to challenge the body. Triceps consist of three main muscles, which are long, medial, and lateral. These are called strands or heads. Therefore, any exercise that puts the arms at sides such as the dumbbell kickback, offers an effective way of targeting the lateral head, which is the most visible strand of the triceps. This exercise can also trim body fat, increase strength, and build bone density.