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How To Do Squat With Kickback

Squat with kickback is an exercise that works on the hamstrings, glutes, and the back. When doing your exercise, ensure you position yourself properly. If you have strong quads and toned butt, okay, you will not fall when attempting this powerhouse move. However, you need to learn the move and position properly so that you can do it whenever you are at home or other places. A squat will work the leg and a kickback will work the booty. You are also to get some level of working the core as you maintain that balance when doing the kickback. A Port Coquitlam fitness will teach you how to do your exercises the right way so you get good results;

  • Stand with the legs placed at shoulder width apart and sit back so that you squat and then bring the fists in front and close to the chin.
  • Bring the left leg straight so that it is behind and at the same time extend the arms forward. Now return to squat position and then repeat the move on the other side. You can continue alternating the sides in spans of about one minute.
  • When squatting, ensure you keep the weight back on the heels. In addition, when extending your leg behind, ensure you keep the hips square and do not attempt to twist them on sides.

As you do the sets, you will begin to feel that you are squeezing as you extend the leg back.  Talk to your personal trainer to see how you can modify this exercise to suit your fitness goals. You may also want to do a narrow squat with backkick.

In this exercise, you stand with the feet touching ground and hold hands in front of chest or hips and then bend the knees while you lower the hips deeply to make the thighs to be parallel with floor. As you do this make sure you keep the weight back in heels. Now, raise back, straighten your legs, and then lift your left leg behind so that you do a kickback. Then, lower your foot back to floor. Repeat that step.