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How Do You Do Explosive Lunges?

You might have seen some people at a fitness boot camp do explosive lunges, and while you may shy away from this exercise, it is one that gives you a stretch on glutes and tests your balance and coordination as well as patience. This power exercise can improve sports like skills as well as performance such as basketball layups and sprints. Let a Port Coquitlam fitness instructor show you how the move is executed properly. With this exercise, it involves quick and powerful movements, which focus on speed and reflex, and they work on core stability so that one maintains posture and balance throughout the exercise.

It is important you always warm up so that you wake up the nervous systems and the muscles before you can train on explosive lunges. You may warm up by doing half lunge, jumping rope, back lunge, and hip swings.

How to do it

You stand with the feet placed together and the hands positioned on the hips. Then you lunge forward with the right leg. Now you jump up, switch the legs in midair, and then land with the left leg but in a forward lunge. Now continue the explosive lunges while you alternate side for at least one minute.

As you do the exercise, keep the fists in from the chin and make sure you push off floor with both fleet. Keep the front knee bent 90 degree and aligned over the ankle. Doing the exercises properly will prevent knee injury and ensure you work the intended muscles. High impact exercises have a potential for causing injuries and diseases of the joints or muscles.

You should not do these exercises excessively because they could cause osteoarthritis or meniscus tears. It is better to start with fewer steps and take longer rest period between the training days and the sets. Should you experience any pain in feet, knees, ankles, and hips when you do the exercise, you should seek medical attention. Working closely with a qualified personal trainer will ensure you do not cause injury and the movements are done properly