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What Is Plie Exercises and How Is It Done?

Plie is essentially a squat exercise but it is done with the toes facing out and the bottom tucked under, that is, the bottom does not reach back as you would find in a typical squat. Deep knee bends squatting is done with the legs positioned at width apart, and the feet and hips face forward. On the flip side, the plie forms a knee bend, which is done with feet and hips turned out. Both traditional squat and the plie work the thighs and butt though they work different muscle groups. Hire a Port Coquitlam fitness coach so that you can easily learn how some of these moves are done.

How to do plie exercise

Stand with the back straight and the toes pointed out to sides and the rear tucked under the hips. Now slowly lower the body and rise back up while squeezing the bum. You can try the move in first position where the heels are together and the toes point out, or you may try the move in second position where the feet is a little wide than hip width distance and toes point out. This allows you to work the glutes and the thighs.

Benefits of plie

If you want to sculpt the inner and outer thighs, plies is the exercise. This exercise firms the glutes and gives lean and strong dancer legs. Doing the exercise is safe for knee since legs are placed wider apart. Those with weak knees and they would like to do exercises that work the legs without putting much strain on their knees, they can consider plies exercise.

With this exercise, you can also hold free weights in order to increase resistance. You may want to avoid adding weight when doing deep knee bend because these already put stress on knees and they need to be done with caution. Work with a personal trainer so that you can understand how to do these moves properly and minimize injury. When doing the exercise,  make sure you tuck the tailbone under and the glutes is contracted. Keep the torso tall and do not allow the knees to creep past toes.