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Work Out the Quadriceps With Dumbbell Squat

Having toned muscles of the legs gives you that stability and sturdy look for a sporty leg. Dumbbell squat is a strength exercise that targets the quadriceps. Other muscles targeted by this exercise are the calves, hamstring, glutes, and the lower back. These powerful little moves can tone and strengthen your leg muscles while also working on your lower back. Consult with a Port Coquitlam fitness instructor in order to do the exercise properly and safely. Here are the moves of the exercise;

  • Stand straight and hold the dumbbells on each hand, making sure the palms are facing the side of legs. Now position the legs by making use of a shoulder width stance while the toes remain slightly pointed out. Now keep the head up as you do the exercise since if you look down, you could lose balance. In addition, maintain straight back. You are not in your start position.
  • Begin lowering the torso slowly by bending the knees while maintaining the straight posture and the head up. Move down until you have the thighs parallel to floor. If you do the move properly, you will find that the front of knees and the toes make an imaginary straight line, which is perpendicular to your front. However, if you find that the knees appear to be past the imaginary line or past the toes, it means you could be placing unnecessary stress on knees. This is an indication that the exercise hasn’t been done right.
  • Begin raising the torso while also exhaling by pushing the floor using the heel of foot as you straighten your legs again. Go back to start position. You can repeat the same.

When you do this exercise, be cautious of the weight. You may want to use less weight if you have not been used to the squat. Although this squat is safe, like any other exercise, if not done properly, it could cause injury or sprain on muscles or pressure on disc. You may want to use wrist wraps to do the exercise. The stances can be varied depending on what muscles you want to work.