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What Explosive Lunge Variations Can You Do

At first, doing explosive lunges may seem like something difficult but as you become familiar with the steps, you can move around from front to back and turn the body in midair so that you face a different direction as you land. For example, you may hop five times to the right and five times to the left when you jump straight. The distance you may hop is determined by you. Work out with a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer and discover different variations that you could include in your explosive lunges.

Variations in explosive lunge exercise

  • You may stand with the feet together and put the right foot at about 2 feet in your front. This should make you feel a small stretch in the left upper thigh as well as the hip flexors. Bend the knees slightly and then swing the arms behind you.
  • As you swing the arms overhead, exhale and jump straight up while extending the torso and the left hip together. Ensure you land gently on balls of the feet and bend the knees so that you cushion the impact of the exercise. You can repeat this pattern at a fast pace for about 6 reps. Now switch the leg position and do the same step. Take a rest of about 30 minutes.
  • Standing with the feet together and right foot in front, you jump straight into air. Swing the arms overhead simultaneously. You may switch the leg position when in midair and land then land gently on balls of feet and with the left foot in front. Repeat the movement, this time increasing the pace and doing about 10 to 12 reps.

When you do the landing, make sure it is proper. This exercise should not be done when you have weakness of the joints. You should not make variations to challenge the body when you have not practiced the basic position properly. Ensure the moves are done in proper form to prevent injuries. Consult with a personal trainer to get clues on how you should perform this workout. As the body gets stronger and adapts, you can now increase the steps and also decrease the rest periods