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Tips On How To Keep The Butt In Shape

You may be standing in front of your mirror trying to squeeze your jeans or swimsuit. It cannot fit freely as it used to, and there is no denying that you have grew your behind or the suit has shrunk. When you look at your behind, you are flabby and sagging. You now begin to panic and wonder what you should do. There are things you can do to help keep that butt into pear shape and well toned. Try to consult with your Port Coquitlam fitness to find out the best exercises and strategies you can use to tighten the booty and reduce its size while also keeping it firm and toned. Here are a few things you would want to do;

Use weights in your exercises

If you are doing moves like step up and squats, you want to add weights to work the glutes harder and at the same time, burn more calories. You can place a barbell across the shoulder. You may also want to hold dumbbells.

Attempt mini workouts

If you are in workplace, you may want to try some mini breaks in the entire day. Have a set of weights for the ankle in the desk drawer. You can also do standing leg lifts and some leg extensions when on phone calls. If you are waiting in line is a bank, it can be a good chance to do calf raises. These are simple things you do anywhere and they will add up to making the booty more toned.

Do butt moves in gym or home

A number of exercises will target your butt and among them are the bridge and side squat. If you are doing the bridge, you will need to lift with the faceup on floor and the knees bent, with hands placed at side. Keep the abs engaged and lift the hips about 4 to 6 inches.

Now lift your hips about 1 inch more as you press into palms and hold for about 3 seconds before lowering the back to first lifted position. You can do this about 15 times. Now, do that same move but this time with the right leg extending toward ceiling but make sure you squeeze through left glute. Ensure you do about 20 or more small pulses then switch legs and repeat the set.