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Why You Should Stretch and Warm Up Before Running

Before you begin that morning jogging exercises involving running for miles, you would want to condition the body. Like any other workout you are doing, it is important you warm up the body. You may be totally psyched for the jogging and raring to go, which is something good, but one thing you want to always ask yourself is whether you are adequately warmed up. Have you stretched out those muscles and do you plan to stretch them after the running? A Port Coquitlam fitness instructor can assist you in discovering the best warm up exercises you can adapt before you begin you workout. This will ensure that you do your exercise more comfortably and you do not have to be disrupted by an injury or sprain on muscles.

Besides, you are able to push yourself to the limit when you have warmed up properly. If you do not warm up before you begin your running exercise, you will have a high chance of developing pain whether during the exercise or after you have finished the run- but these are unnecessary .

Without warming up, you are at a high risk of spraining or straining muscles and tearing ligaments or tendons. In addition, you may also build up a lot of lactic acid, which gives you the burning feeling in the muscles. Warming up will increase the circulation of blood and enhance muscle strength.

It also increases the heart rate and reduces the chances of getting an injury. You will mentally and physically prepare yourself for the workout when you do the warm ups. Moreover, warming up will increase flexibility of muscles meaning you can do the exercises better.

Without proper warm up, you are likely to be put off for more training. You might have to wait longer before you do your next workout either because of injury or the body has experienced shock that will require more time to get to normal condition to allow you to continue with your workout. There are many ways in which you can warm up before you begin your running or jogging exercise.