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Carving Curl Exercise for Buttocks

A majority of women are often dissatisfied with some of their body parts and they wish to tone them including arms, belly, abs or buttocks, and the legs. Toning the muscles can give their bodies more defined shapes. The derriere is one part of body women are keen about, and it can result to taking desperate measures such as surgeries to get it in shape. But a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer can show you exercises, which you can take to tone the butt and make it appear the way you want.

Carving curl is an easy exercise that can be executed at home. It does not require special equipment to do it except a mat. A firm, well rounded buttock can be achieved if you make some small changes in diet and exercise. Carving curl targets the maximus, glutes, and hamstrings. In order to perform this exercise, you;

  • Lie with the stomach down or facing down on floor mat, then place one side of face on folded arms. Now you raise the right leg bending it at knee. Try to hold to that position for about 10 or 15 seconds before you slowly bring down the leg back to floor.
  • Change the legs and use your left leg to do the exercise. By performing two sets each consisting of 20 repetitions and involving both legs, you are able to work out the buttocks effectively. In order to make the exercise more challenging, you might want to add some weight.

This exercise will work the butt to tone it. A personal trainer can include variations to make the workout demanding or more enjoyable when you execute it. Exercising doesn’t have to be the same routine, you can change it as long as it is producing results.

But you have to do it properly. Only qualified trainers can understand how different exercises and their variations work the body parts. Incorporating this exercise in your daily routine will go a long way in giving you that perfect derriere you have always dreamed of.  The good thing is that you can do it at home.