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How to Perform PiYo Flip Exercise

One thing you will discover with workouts is that there is just more than enough you can do. You will come across plenty of workouts that you can do whether in gym facilities or at home.  The best thing is that when you work closely with a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer, you are able to get picks that will bring fun, motivation, satisfaction, and results in workouts. You do not have to get bored by doing the same thing every other training session. PiYo Flip is a low impact move which helps you get leaner and light in body and mind. This exercise will target the chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and the butt.

You are working on different groups of muscles at the same time from this exercise from the lower to the upper body. Coupled with a few variations here and there, you may find that you are getting a lot of benefits from the workout.

How to do PiYo Flip moves

·         Position yourself in a mat at a plank position and ensure you balance on palms and toes while the body forms a straight line. Now bend your right knee so that it is 90 degree and the shin remains perpendicular to floor. Then lift the right hand off the mat while rotating the body into a side plank so that the right hip remains stacked over left and the right arm reaches up.

  • Continue with the rotation while pivoting on left foot and keeping the right knee bent. Ensure the left leg remains straight as the right hand reaches your behind. Now land faceup with a modified back bend and the right foot positioned opposite the side of mat from where you started. Try to reverse the motion to get back to the start position. You can do about 5 to 10 reps and then switch side and repeat the set.

This move essentially entails alternating from a plank position and getting to a back bend position. The main element here is to move through side plank to the other side. You can find it easier to do this move if you are being assisted by a personal trainer. A fitness trainer will also ensure you perform the moves properly to avert injuring muscles or joints.