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The Benefits of Rowing Workouts

If you decide to work out your body, one equipment you will come across in a gym is a rowing machine. Using this fitness equipment helps build and tone muscles. It also strengthens the cardiovascular function while also increasing body stamina. For the old individuals, they will find this set of equipment very useful since it does not strain the back and joints. If you contact a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer, you will be able to get optimal results from this and other workouts. But what benefits can this equipment offer?

Cardiovascular function

When you use rowing machine, it will provide you with endurance exercise, which enhances heart function. You can maintain a high speed but with little resistance when you keep the machine tension at lower levels. This allows you to reach as well as maintain an aerobic state. Besides improving heart function, you will also enhance the functioning of lungs and the circulation system.

Weight loss

If you want to burn calories in body, you can use this equipment. Rowing will torch calories more rapidly, and you can make it part of your routine if you intend to shed extra pounds. Doing a vigorous workout on this machine for about 30 minutes could burn as much as 377 calories if you weigh about 185 pounds. If you frequently do the rowing exercises, it will create that calories deficit that is needed in weight loss.

Toning muscles

As you do rowing exercises, you will be working on major muscle groups. Rowing will work the hips, buttocks, and legs  with its low impact. Exercisers can also work the upper body muscles and strengthen their back, arms, and shoulders. In addition, the core is engaged when performing the strokes. If you want to increase resistance, you can set the machine so that you build muscles.

In addition to these benefits, using rowing machine will help in stress reduction. Cardiovascular exercises increase endorphins that reduce stress and lift your spirit. A personal trainer will help know which movements you can do effectively so that you get the best results in your workout.