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How Does Circuit Training Benefit The Body

In circuit training, you directly go from one set of exercise to another to work different muscle groups. This kind of exercise can provide you with shorter but more efficient workouts, which increase the heart rate. Since the exercises are switched from one to another without periods of rest, it means that you can work the muscles within a short time. But to get good results, you have to do those exercises properly and this is where the help of a Port Coquitlam fitness trainer comes in handy.

You may take some brief rests but this should be done only after each circuit. In order to do this work out, you need to be focused. Therefore, you have to avoid distractions. The exercise will burn the fat in body, build strength, develop endurance, and get you leaner muscles.

How to make circuit training work for you

  • When you design your program, bear in mind that the larger muscle group moves for instance, those involving the back and legs, can burn more calories than when you do isolated exercises. A good example of movements that will involve larger muscle groups are such as bench press. These exercise will target multiple muscle groups thus allowing you to shed more calories. But for isolated exercise such as dumbbell biceps curls, they will target less muscles and only burn limited number of calories.
  • Some excellent exercises, which can help you achieve elevated heart rates, are such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, straight leg deadlifts, and bench step ups. When you do circuit training, ensure you remain creative and combine different movements.

A personal trainer will help you do your circuit training effectively by identifying the most effective exercises that will target different muscles. Because of the nature of this workout, you have to be very careful when executing the moves because you could make mistakes that cause injury.

As you transition from one exercise to another, ensure you have balance. If you are able to have resistance that can create fatigue with less than 15 repetitions, and the rests are short, then with the right nutrition program, you could easily see yourself with those tight muscles.