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Avoid These Worst Fitness Trends by Training with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer

People may try all sorts of things to keep their bodies slim and build their muscles, however, one thing exercisers should realize is that adopting the wrong fitness trends can lead to disasters. When you consult with a Coquitlam personal trainer, you will avoid the bad fitness trends and workout the way it is supposed to be.

Fitness trends come and go but the endless feeding of fitness fads and infomercials are designed to put a dent on your wallet. The fat burning pills won’t do magic neither will use of sliming belts make you attain a long lasting perfect figure. The way to a successful fitness goal is for you to adopt a serious workout program— and to say the truth, many people hate this.

A majority of people would want to lose their weight when they are sitting down. Anything in a chair should be avoided when training. For example, the Hawaii Chair is one that won’t help you in your fitness. While it has a swiveling base capable of tightening the abs when you are seated, however, sitting is not exercising— it is the antithesis of workouts.

You cannot lose weight properly if you are going to sit on a chair hoping to tighten your abs. The designers of these chairs have made a lot of money at the expense of unsuspecting people who are seeking shortcuts to attain the perfect figure they want. Same applies to the vibrating lap belts designed in the 1950s, which appeared a ridiculous way of staying in shape, but people continued to put themselves far from the truth as their money went to the designers.

There has been other funny things designed in the name of making people attain perfect body shapes but they have all failed. Simply because they are not the ideal way exercises are designed to be done. The Shake Weight become a media sensation but this was only of a novelty value. Those vibrating dumbbells never saw any tangible and long lasting results in helping people attain the body shape they needed.

Any person who is serious about transforming their shape, they have to take active lifestyle and consider working closely with a Coquitlam personal trainer to learn the most effective ways they can attain good health and body shape.