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How to Set Your Fitness Goals

Every time you have New Year resolutions, one thing you plan to do is have a fitness schedule included in the calendar of to-do list of the year. While chances are at least you will, in January, have the most comprehensive plan entailing fitness goals, it doesn’t always turn out true that you will achieve them. When you involve a Coquitlam personal trainer in setting your fitness goals, you are likely to achieve the desired results. In case you have troubles following through your plan, you will be better placed if you work closely with a personal trainer.

Maintaining momentum is key to achieving your goal. Setting the goals is one thing and achieving them is another. Everyone has a reason for indulging in fitness exercises and too every person has a reason for losing fitness momentum.

The moment you discover that fitness is important to your life, you can do it. Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Council on Exercise recommend that for you to improve heart health and minimize the risk of having diseases, you need take about 150 minutes of moderate exercises at least per week or about 30 minutes of exercises three times in a week.

To achieve your goal and be able to follow your exercise routine, you should have smart goal. That means you have to set goals that are specific and measurable while also being able to attain them in a realistic manner. When you meet your fitness goals, it helps build moment.

Attaining your goals may be the most challenging part. When you set unrealistic goals, you are setting yourself to fail. When you cannot do about 150 minutes of workout in a week, then it means you may not be realistic in boosting your health.

Ensure you revise your schedule and dedicate some time to make up the recommended minutes of workout no matter how busy you are. In addition to that, you should vow to take or walk more steps every day. Work your way to success in fitness by hiring a Coquitlam personal trainer who can help you keep fit and attain your fitness goals.