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Are You Hitting The Gym But No Results In Losing Weight?

As many people continue to seek for solutions on how they can manage their weight, some are finding themselves using the wrong kind of weight loss therapies. People know that the best way they can lose weight is by exercising the body and taking the right low carb diet. However, the problems comes into doing the exercises— and not only that, but also doing the exercises correctly. A Coquitlam personal trainer should be able to assist you know which exercises can help burn the most calories.

The greatest challenge people have is that they want to reduce their weight and burn the calories but they do not want to sweat. How are you going to lose weight if you cannot do strenuous work? To set it clear, if you cannot break a sweat, then you may not be able to cut the weight. This is the plain truth people need to know.

People have even opted to go for the short cuts designed to lose weight such as the fad diet, and the worst trends of losing weight. You have heard of magic diets that are designed to help people cut weight. There are also other devices such as use of sliming belts. All these are aimed at taking money out of pocket.

There is nothing that will help you lose weight effectively other than exercising coupled with diet that cuts back calories intake. This means doing the right exercises such as cardios and interval training then taking diet that is low in carbs. The most effective way of losing weight is doing interval training with cardio. These exercises need higher intensity intervals then followed by having rest intervals.

The ratio of the higher intensity intervals to rest intervals should be about 1:2, and this is considered the most efficient. This means having one minute of high intensity such as jumping rope and sprinting then followed by 2 minutes of lower intensity or what is known as active recovery exercises such as walking and jogging.

When you do these kinds of exercises with help of a Coquitlam personal trainer, you are able to burn more calories than when you do some constant pace or steady-state workouts such as jogging and walking.