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Great Exercises That You Can Do To Develop Six Pack Abs

In case you’re thinking about having abs of steel, you might want to know what it entails before you plunge yourself into the fitness training ring. Six pack abs are some of the most difficult to attain. It is not easy to develop them. Attaining visible six-pack will require you to have a specific nutrition that works closely with the kind of core exercises you do. Working closely with a Coquitlam personal trainer puts you in a better position to be able to attain well-contoured abs.

Even when you do not see them, that is not the end because your genetics could probably be preventing you from developing visible abs. There are a few exercises that can help you in developing you abs. Anti extension movements such as planks, stir the pot, and reverse crunches may be a goof it.

Planks can be done in various forms and variations all targeting the core to strengthen it. Stir the pot is done using a stability ball. In this exercise, you rest the forearms on your ball and hold a plank. In case you find the stirring motion using the elbows to be difficult, you may just hold in position of plank and you will still be able to work out the core.

The reverse crunches are done by getting in plank position and allowing the feet to be in the straps and off the ground. You then pull the knees towards the chest while also maintaining stability. You can increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise by doing some adjustment of the distance from the bands’ connection or wall.

Anti rotation movements such as floor horizontal press and single arm farmer’s carry are also helpful in developing the core muscles or the six-pack abs. In floor horizontal press, you use resistance band and lay down on the back while keeping the core tight and pressing the taut band up.

When doing single arm farmer’s carry, you grab a heavy kettlebell then walk around while keeping good posture. Try to keep the kettlebell from plunging and crashing into the legs. There are other core exercises you can do with a Coquitlam personal trainer to help you develop your abs or six pack muscles.