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Invigorating Exercises for the Chronic Office Sitters

Remaining in office in a seated position can cause health problems. You may want to visit a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to help you discover simple exercises and moves you can do right in your office. One thing you would want to do is ensure you are often up standing. Be Up Standing is an exercise that is designed to erode the psychological stress and physical strain that comes about from sitting for long hours.

You should not let an hour pass without standing so that you give your body a break. Stand in place and refocus. In case you are in the office, lock it for a moment and close your eyes while in the standing position. In that position, let the attention expand and try to include bodily sensations as well as breathing.

When worries appear, ensure you let them come but watch them go. Try to leave the world for at least 5 minutes. This is like meditating and it is a great way to revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Have a big breathe as this is where you consciously reverse your shallow breathing you have been doing when sitting.

Moreover, begin to move with shoulder circles. You need to be aware of these movements and not throw away any of them or do them too quickly. The main aim is to be aware of these positions in the entire experience. Move slow for about 5 minutes. After that, reach for the sky. The hip flexor muscles tend to be poor because of the sitting position.

While you are seated, these muscles are subjected to contractions and shortening. When you stand up, you allow them to lengthen and when you reach the sky, you are helping them to start relaxing. With reaching the sky, it can help to expand your lungs. Following that is slow squats. Squatting will help in blood circulation. Although squatting slowly may seem difficult, you need to challenge yourself.

The final move is lunges with your arms raised. When you do these lunges, you will be more stretched in hip flexors. The slower you go, it means the harder it will get and the more you workout.  Let a Port Coquitlam personal trainer show you other moves you can do in your office that can help you restore your health.