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How to Perform Squats For Weight Loss

When doing exercises for weight loss, you will find a plethora of them. It is upon you to select the ones which are more effective and you feel comfortable performing them. Considering that there are many kinds of weight loss exercises you can do, establishing the effective ones and doing them safely may be a challenge. This is one reason people consider to work hand in hand with a Port Coquitlam personal trainer when exercising.

Squats are among the most famous of all exercises. They are hailed as the kind of workout moves and exercises that are most effective. This is because they tend to involve a lot of muscles meaning that when you execute them in the correct way, you can burn significant amount of calories in body.

You may not be aware— but do you know that you learned how to walk by squatting. Well! As much as these exercises may seem natural to you, it is most probably that you might have forgotten doing them properly. Then if that is the case, you would want to remind yourself how squats are done. Here is how you can perform squats safely and effective to help lose weight.

  • Stand using your feet placed at shoulder width apart
  • While keeping the heels planted, try to lower your body far as you can. Do this by pushing the hips back and then bending the knees until you have the thighs parallel to floor.
  • In that position, pause then quickly stand back up again. And you are done!

Doing squats is as simple as that, but you need to know how they should be done properly. No matter how an exercise seems simple, if you do not do it correct, you might injure yourself. The feet need to be positioned properly. You also need to assume the right posture when doing squats.

In the event you find doing exercises a hurdle, you can seek help of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to show you how these moves are executed. Personal trainers are never short of exercising tips and tricks, and you can easily progress in your workouts when you work closely with these instructors.