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Awesome Burpees Exercises to Help You in Weight Loss

Burpees are regarded as high intensity exercises. They are not only helpful in burning calories but also in ramping up the body metabolism which will assist in burning additional calories even when you are at rest. Burpees are calorie torching as well as strength building exercises. They are body exercises but tend to be hard work. It is therefore important that you try to master the form you take to do them properly. It is crucial you ease yourself in. You may want to seek assistance of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer in order to discover how you can do these and other exercises more safely. Here are the simple steps you can execute when performing burpees.

  • Get into the ordinary squat position
  • While at the bottom of squat, move your hands out onto floor surface in front
  • Then kick the feet back into the position of push up
  • Return the feet to squat position as fast as you can
  • Then immediately jump up into air making sure you go as high as you can
  • Lastly, squat back down and then repeat the same steps.

The better part of working out with a personal trainer is that you will progress fast in workouts and attain results in a short time. You also learn other moves that you may not be aware of yet they are critical in boosting your workout experience.

When you do the burpees properly you will not only burn calories but also increase the metabolic activity of the body which means when you are resting, you will also be burning additional calories. This is a great way you can start losing weight because it offers optimal exercise and workout that will be effective and will work the body even when you are resting.

In case you find difficulties with workouts, don’t hesitate to ask a Port Coquitlam personal trainer. One reason why people hire personal trainers is because they want to progress fast and learn a lot more concerning workouts for weight loss. You need to remember no one workout that can give you a full transformation of the body whether it is building muscles or losing weight and toning the butt.