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Taking the Stairs in Workplace: Another Way to Keep Fit

Seating in front of a computer or on your office chair will create a position where you are curved forward with the shoulders. You have much tension created in neck and face. All the muscles tend to be clinched down above the shoulders. The breath also becomes shallow. All these aspects can lead to poor health with time if you do not take some exercises. Upon visiting a Port Coquitlam personal trainer, you will be surprised by the big and varied number of exercises you can do at home, gym, workplace, or when on vacation.

Personal trainers can help you develop exercises and workout routines that align with your daily work needs. It is surprising to see how many healthy and capable individuals prefer to use the elevators in the morning and evening when they get into their offices. Use of elevators or lifts is one of the amenities which most offices have and they make one to be less active.

It may not seem like much, however, taking the stairs a few rounds in a day can add up to a full exercise of the day. If you are feeling guilty of the habit of using elevators in workplace, then you may want to start using the stairs from today.

When you use stairs to get and leave the offices, you’ re doing some exercises. This physical activity is better when compared to not doing any or using the elevators. In the morning, you have driven all the way to work instead of walking; there is no were you have tried to exercise the body

You will be seated for the entire day in the office, and even during your lunch and tea breaks, you just want to sit in the room to have your snack and beverage. When sending messages to the adjacent offices, you don’t want to deliver them physically; you want to use the email. This is a sedentary work life which may affect your health.

You can assume an active lifestyle by changing the way you do things at work. Walk, walk, walk, and try to refrain from activities that make you lazy and inertia. Consider seeking the help of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to find out if there is a way you can fix a workout schedule and begin exercising your body for a better health.