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Exercise Basics: Tips on How You Can Row Properly

A rowing machine is one equipment you will find in gym establishments. Rowing can help blast the calories. It is an ideal non-weight bearing machine which you can use to increase cardiovascular conditioning. It works on both the upper and lower body muscles. When rowing, you are using the entire body meaning that less muscle soreness is likely to occur. You may want to consider seeking help of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to ensure that you do the rowing moves correctly.

A proper row is made up of two main parts which are the drive and the recovery. In the drive, it entails the backward work portion that features the stroke and on the other hand, the recover entails the forward rest movement which allows you to prepare for the drive. When in the finished position of a drive, you will have the legs extended while the elbows are drawn past your body and a flat wrist to allow you grip the handle properly.

When you are in that finishing position, you immediately extend the arm while at the same time keeping the legs fully extended before you can pull yourself to a catch position. This ensures that you re-engage the core. The catch is where your seat moves in and the shins become vertical while the knees are positioned over the ankles.

The drive, which is the start position begins with the legs and the body and finishes with the arms. You need to avoid letting the legs to shoot back before the body pushes. You need to remember that the burst in this movement comes from legs and then followed by your core, before the arms. You can repeat the exercise.

Using some of the gym equipment like the rowing machine can seem challenging if you do not know the rowing technique. It is better you do your exercises with help of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer so that you execute the movements properly. It also helps you prevent injuries that may arise due to poor positioning, incorrect move, or bad form of the body.