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HIIT Sprints: a Rowing Machine Cardio Exercise for Endurance and Body Strength

When the cold weather sets in and forces you to hit outdoors for your fitness adventure, you may want to try the endurance challenge of rowing workouts. There are many workouts you can do with a rowing machine. A Port Coquitlam personal trainer can introduce you to different exercises and variations you can do using the rowing machine.

It is also important to note that when some moves are done incorrectly, they could trigger injuries, something you may want to avoid because it impairs your ability to follow your workout schedule. When you take your time to learn the techniques of exercising using this machine, you will find that it offers some of the best exercises for cardio. This low-to-the-ground machine engages the back, legs, arms, and the core often delivering intense full body cardio workout.

The best part about rowing is that it does not put a lot of stress on hip joint and knees as other exercises like running do meaning it is a training that can be ideal for people of all sizes and ages. The HIIT sprints are some of the exercises you can perform using rowing machine.

When you are short of time, you can utilize the high intensity intervals of HIIT Sprints since they will give you some quick sweat fix. You can burn about 300 calories when you do this exercise. It will improve your strength as well as explosive power in just as low as 20 minutes of workout but this excludes the cool down and the warm up which may take another 10 minutes or so.

Therefore, with time of 30 minutes at your disposal, you can comfortably perform this exercise. When you perform the HIIT Sprints, ensure you keep your stroke rate somewhere between 26 to 32 and keep control of how fasts the legs are moving. This way, you will have optimal exercise for the best results in strength building and endurance. Take advantage of the help offered by a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to discover more exciting workouts you can do using gym equipment like the rowing machine.