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Lean Leapfrog: A Rowing Machine Workout to Increase Endurance and Strength

When you want to use the rowing machine to perform different exercises, you may want to ensure you warm up the body to prep it for the challenge. Taking about 10 minutes of pick drill allows you to pick the stroke apart while at the same time waking up the muscles. You can begin this by doing some simple partial movements before you work up the full rowing motion. Don’t forget to have the company of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer to the gym facility as this will allow you to enjoy the rowing moves and other exercises.

Instructors are committed to ensure that you find your exercises interesting and fun and you do not make mistakes that can implicate negatively on your workouts or risk causing injury to your body. The Lean Leapfrog offers aggressive bursts and you can compete against yourself using these moves.

While most of the rowing workouts tend to be aerobic in nature, the Lean Leapfrog is actually designed to be the opposite. This is an anaerobic exercise. When performing this exercise, similar to weight lifting sessions, it means you will exert the muscles enough in order to produce lactate. This leaves you with a feeling of burning.

Having an aerobic rowing session can help you increase power output as well as endurance since you are forced to use the strength of leg muscles. In performing Lean Leapfrog exercise, pay attention to stroke rate. Ensure you maintain or step up the meters rowed in each session per minute.

A challenging row covering 40 minutes can allow you to burn approximately 700 calories. Your personal coach should be able to take you through these kinds of exercises and others. Ensure you ask any questions you may want to know about the rowing machine and try to learn different moves and exercises, which you can perform with this machine.

You will find it one of the most useful gym equipment that can help in cardio exercises for strength and endurance. Through help of a Port Coquitlam personal trainer, you can integrate other moves into your workouts so that you get optimal fitness results.