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Running versus Jogging: What Are the Considerations

Running and jogging provide physical activity for the body, and they are both appealing exercises, which do not cost a lot for you to take. You can run for different reasons such as keeping fit, reducing weight, or for a noble cause. These exercises offer a host of benefits for example, they can help build strong bones and they are weight-bearing exercises. In order for you to run safely and find the exercises interesting, you can work closely with a Port Coquitlam personal trainer.

You can push yourself to the limit when you have a personal trainer. It also enhances your performance. By exercising with a trainer, you are likely to have a little thriving competition. When you run together with a trainer, you will be encouraged to run harder and faster. This way, it makes it easier for you to take it to the next level.

Running and jogging also help strengthen your muscles. They improve cardiovascular fitness and help maintain a healthy weight. You can burn plenty of calories and kilojoules when you jog or run. While both of these exercises are strength and weight bearing workouts, there are some notable differences.

The main difference comes in intensity. In running, it is faster and it uses more energy therefore, it demands more effort of the lungs, heart, and muscles than when you jog. Running and jogging are also forms of aerobic exercises which means they are physical activities that produce energy by combining the oxygen in cells with blood glucose and body fat.

When you want to jog and run, you may want to consider a number of issues. In case you are beginner, you can start with a brisk walk and then progress to jogging before you can take up the challenge of running. This may take you some time, say a couple of months to transition from each stage.

You can join a team or group of runners to make the experience more motivating and fulfilling.  Try to identify a Port Coquitlam personal trainer who can help you in your exercises. Personal trainers can help you learn how to run safely and avoid injuring yourself. You also learn which exercises you can integrate together with running and jogging.