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How to Execute a Pilates Side Bend Ab Workout

Pilates ab workouts are designed to engage the core and strengthen the abdominals. Pilates can challenge the muscles through resistance and helps in toning and strengthening the core muscles.  While there are different varieties of Pilates exercises as well as variations you can attempt, learning them will need you to consult with a Coquitlam fitness coach who is experienced in these workouts.

Pilates ab workouts can range from crunch series, tabletop control, footwork, frog circle combo, to side bend exercises. When attempting the side bend pilates ab workouts, you need to sit on your right hip and fold the right leg under the body while extending the left leg out to side but in a straight line.

Now you use take the right hand, place it on the ground just next to the hip, and bend your left knee slightly while pushing up the body to balance on the right knee. After that, flex your foot of the left leg as you pull the ab in and lift the right leg where you place it behind the left leg.

Now, place the left hand on the hip then try to pulse the hip up about two inches then down about the same inches while keeping the right arm straight. You can repeat these steps about 8 times and try to switch sides. You can learn more about the different variations of Pilates moves designed for ab muscles by contacting a Coquitlam fitness instructor. 

Personal trainers understand the different needs of their clients and by assessing your fitness goals; they can be able to develop a workout routine that offers you optimal results. Make sure that you ask the trainer to introduce you to more workouts, which you can vary time in time to avoid boredom and prevent the body from adjusting to exercises. When you do the same kinds of workouts even day, the body is likely to adjust and you may find that with time, you are not getting any results from the exercises.