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Helpful Tips on How You Can Perform Dips to Build the Upper Body Muscles

Building your upper body muscles can be attained by performing arm exercises, which try to target muscles of the chest, shoulder, arms, and the upper back. You can find out more about effective exercises for the upper body by consulting with a Coquitlam fitness trainer. Dips are among the exercises you can do to build your upper body muscles. These exercises can be performed at a dip station whether assisted or non-assisted. They can also be executed off a bench.

Dips prove to be great exercises that can accentuate the backside of a person’s upper arm while also being able to recruit a bit of shoulders. When you are performing dips off the edge on a bench, ensure you keep your hands narrow while the elbows point behind you and remain close to your body when bending the elbows so that you lower the body down.

You can try avoiding rounding your shoulders when you are descending. The feet can remain on floor in front of you or they can be elevated to another bench. You may find that when you get stronger, you want to add some challenge in your dips exercise. You may minimize the downtime in your exercise sets or you can add some more reps so that you get a bigger gain.

Personal trainers can assess your progress when performing the dips and advise you whether you need to increase the challenge now or wait for some time. Remember that when you are progressing in intensity or a low-level workout to a higher-level exercise, you need to take time. You shouldn’t rush to experiment the more challenging moves when you have not conditioned the body to the level you are presently.

Exercises should be transitioned step by step when the body feels it is ready. These are things you may not know about when you train alone; therefore, you need the help of a Coquitlam fitness coach to assist you. A personal trainer will develop a fitness program that can deliver results within the desired timeframe. In the event that you are not progressing well with the current workout, the instructor may decide to bring in some changes in the exercises.