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A Typical Example of a Weekly Cross Training Program You Can Perform

When you are developing exercises to fit into your cross training, you need to consider the kinds of activities which you are readily willing to do. Cross training is not limited in physical activity and you can choose anything that you find is going to work for you. However, since you may not know which exercises can best fit in cross training, you would want to consider hiring a Coquitlam fitness trainer to assist you identify the workouts you can perform.

In case you are losing weight, you can consider anything that helps you workout the body and burn calories as long as it is safe, even when it is out of the ordinary for example, when you do some vigorous cleaning at home. Here is a typical example which you can adopt in your cross training program

  • An aerobic exercise that takes three times in a week done for 30 minutes each session. This is alternated with other activities such as swimming, walking, dancing, or even stair climbing so that you diversify the exercises and refraining from overloading certain parts of body.
  • Strength training done twice in a week but not consecutive days lasting for about 30 minutes. The strength training should be aimed at working the major muscle groups. You can then try to chip in some different exercises so that you create variety and spread the loads to parts of body. By spreading the loads, you are working on different groups of muscles. You may also use different resistance tools for instance stretch tubing or free weights.
  • A flexibility exercise, which is performed every day for about 5 to 10 minute. This may involve stretching exercises though you need to ensure you do some warm up by taking a short walk and some other aerobic activity prior to performing the stretch exercise.

In crossing training, you may want to alternative or combine different kinds of activities into one day’s workout. For instance, you may combine 10 minutes walk with 10 minutes elliptical trainer, and 10 minutes of a step climber. Similarly, you can consider switching between lower and upper body exercises when doing your strength training workouts. Let a Coquitlam fitness trainer show you how you can accomplish these workouts more easily.