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How to Safely Perform Inverted Row Exercise

Inverted row exercises are some of the best body weight workouts that you should be doing. Inverted row variations offer quite unique and exciting exercises for horizontal pulling. These exercises tend to work the back as well as the biceps. To perform these exercises properly and prevent causing injuries, you need the company of a Coquitlam fitness trainer to assist you. And just like the way you do push up variations, the core needs to function and keep the body in some straight line for balance.

Some people may think that this exercise is a reverse push up, however, it is the inverted row. Just like you do pushups, try to keep the body straight from your head, through to ankles and ensure you keep the butt and stomach squeezed during the entire time of the exercise. When you pull yourself up the handles, ensure you also pull your shoulder blades down as well as back.

Try to squeeze the shoulder blades together hard when in that position. You can make the inverted row easier by increasing the height of handles. When the body is closer to being perpendicular to ground, it will be easier to do the inverted row.  In order to make the inverted row quite harder, you may want to do the opposite— that’s lower the handles.

When the handles are lower, it means that the body is closer to being parallel to ground. This makes the exercise to be harder to execute. Not only that, you can even make it to be more challenging by when you lower the handles so that you reach a point where you can’t lower them any further without having to hit the ground.

In case the elevated inverted row has become easy for you, then you may want to use one arm inverted row variation. The good thing about hiring a Coquitlam fitness trainer is that you can learn all these kinds of moves and perform them at the gym or at home. Varying your exercise moves make you attain more fulfilling results. It also increases your morale and you can stick to your schedule because you are not getting bored. Variations on body weight exercises also induce more challenge to the body therefore, you are reaping more from the exercise.