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How to Vary Your Body Weight Exercises With Side To Side Reps

Body weight exercises need to be included in strength training programs; however, you may find that many people perform body weight workouts out of personal preferences or necessity. When you perform same exercises for long, they become boring and you don’t feel like pushing yourself to limit. Doing some changes here and there can create a new experience in your workout. A Coquitlam fitness coach can help you to create variations in your body exercises so that you are able to find them fun and delivering results.

One way you can do that is to incorporate the side to side reps.  The side-to-side reps is a technique where you overload one side of body with every rep. For example, when you are doing a pull up body weight exercises, you can make use of the side to side reps to make the exercises seem a bit different from the typical pull ups.

In this exercise, you begin by taking the pull or pulling the body up to the left hand, then lower yourself under control. You then pull up again but this time, to your right hand. You can repeat this so that you create a pattern of left and right pull ups. This is an advanced variation and therefore, you may want to ensure you have a backing hand of a personal trainer.

Therefore, give it some shot if you have succeeded in building your technique of performing pull ups. You may find it challenging if you haven’t develop the right technique for the ordinary pull ups. In case you cannot do the pulls, you can still try performing side to side pull ups with use of resistance band so that it assists you.

Allow a Coquitlam fitness coach to teach you different ways in which you can vary your body weight exercises so that you reap the best from the workouts. When you vary the exercises, you are not only challenging yourself but also making the workouts to be more interesting.