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Executing the Single Leg Hip Thrust Exercise

Single leg thrust exercise is a body weight workout, which can work on different muscles of the hip and leg. This exercise works the quads and it is among the favorite exercises, which target the glutes or your booty. When performing the single leg thrust, you would want to focus mainly on thrusting the pelvis up towards the ceiling and squeezing the glutes hard in top position. It is advisable that since these moves can be complex, you try seeking help of a Coquitlam fitness trainer to assist you learn how to create balance and make use of variations.

When you don’t perform the moves properly, it may cause injuries. You can hold the position for some 1 to 2 seconds before lowering the body down. You may want to make the single leg hip thrust easier by doing some single leg glute bridge. With this, it is much easier since the range of motion has been shortened.

You simply do the same thing and focus on thrusting the pelvis up to ceiling while also squeezing the glutes hard at that top position. You may also want to make the single leg hip thrust a bit more challenging by increasing the motion range. You can increase the range of motion by putting your front foot on some elevated surface ideally about 2 to 6 inches,. This way, you will be increasing the range of motion for single leg hip thrust exercise thereby ensuring that you create more challenge.

A personal trainer can even introduce you to other kinds of variations, which you can make in your single leg hip thrust among other exercises. There is no limit as to what you can do when you begin exercising and as long as you have the backing hand of a professional trainer, you will find your workouts very interesting. This will allow you to cling to the program and continue seeing results.

Talk to the Coquitlam fitness trainer in case you experience any challenges so that you can get assistance. There are times when you will be unable to get results especially when you have been doing the same kind of exercises and moves over and over again. With some simple variations, you can notice some changes.