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Steps to Perform Pike Push Up Moves

The pike push up is one of the great body weight exercises, which you can perform to target the triceps and shoulders. It is a body weight exercise, which equates to the overhead press using dumbbell or barbell. Like many other exercises, you may not know the tricks on how to perform the moves correctly and that’s why you need the help of a Coquitlam fitness coach.

In executing the pike push up move, you place your hands apart a bit wider than shoulder width and keep the butt above the head. Ensure the torso is perpendicular to floor. Now lower yourself under control until the head is positioned lightly touching the floor. Then press back up.

There are variations you can make to this exercise. For example, if you want to make it easier, you can perform it from floor. When you perform it on floor, you will be pressing a lower percentage of bodyweight because the feet are right on floor. In case you want to make pike push up difficult, you can put the feet on higher surface.

You can aim at advancing to a height equal to the belly button or by raising the leg above the head. Ensure you have your extended leg being in straight line to the torso. By doing this, you make the exercise to be a bit more challenging since you are trying to press a higher percentage of bodyweight because of the extended leg.

Also ensure you alternate the legs in every set. In case you find the pike push up with increased height easy, you can try to progress to other variations such as assisted handstand pushups. Different exercises can be varied to either make them easy to create more challenge or make them simple.

Personal trainers are the best placed persons who can help you discover these variations can make the workouts more fun. Find a Coquitlam fitness trainer who is experienced in different workouts and start your routine. The trainer will introduce you to different workouts and as you progress, you will begin to learn the different variations that you can incorporate in the exercises and moves.