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Skater Squat Exercise and Variations to Execute

Skater squat is one exercise that you may think it is easy. However, this deceptively easy exercise can prove to be a challenge if you do not know how you can perform the moves and steps. It is important you consider seeking help of a Coquitlam fitness instructor to assist you learn the different moves and steps of different exercises. Skater squat exercise, regardless of how deceptively easy it may seem, it is one of the great workouts you can execute to engage the lower body.

In performing skater squat, you bend the knees of your non-working leg and then lower the body under control until you have the knee of the non-working leg placed in a position where it lightly touches the floor. When in that position, you now squat back up.  Apparently, most of the beginner exercisers are unable to do this kind of exercise in one day. They will need to be taken through a series of training so that they know  the correct way to perform it.

It may be necessary to do some easier variations at first especially for the beginner exerciser. To make the skater squat easier, you can decrease the range of motion. When the range of motion is decreased by putting a box or plates under the non working leg, it will make the exercise  easier.

By having a higher surface, it makes the move a bit easy to execute. As you get stronger, you may want to lower the surface until you get to the regular version of the skater squat. When you want to make it more difficult, you can increase the range of motion. This is achieved by standing on a raised or elevated surfaces with the working leg. The surface may be about one inch.

You can aim to use a height of about  6 inches as this makes the skater squat even more harder to execute. The goal is to ensure you shoot to more difficult variation but only when you can do the ordinary moves. Ensure you seek guidance from a Coquitlam fitness instructor if you find that you cannot progress in your workouts. This will allow you to learn tricks on how you can make the workouts more challenging or easier depending on your fitness goals.