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How You Can Manipulate Reps in Workouts to Achieve More Effects

Exercising is about reaping optimal gains from workouts. While you may have some variations in different aspects, the reps are a great way you can make an exercise to be easy or hard. These are things you can only learn when you have a Coquitlam fitness instructor around to teach you. There is just so much you can do with exercises to challenge yourself but the problem is that, you might not now the tricks.

The reps you make in an exercise can determine the effort you are putting in. Some exercises may have reps manipulated to a greater extent than others. For instance, it would be difficult for you to perform lateral raise in heavier weight-low reps zone. How much you can alter the reps depends on the kinds of moves you are doing and the fitness goal.

However, you can try to do the opposite of what you currently do. For instance, in case you are doing 4 sets by 10 reps, you can change that to be 10 sets by 4 reps.  This will introduce some new challenge in your workout. It is not recommended that you do low rep sets in isolation exercises such as triceps extensions, biceps curls, or lateral raises.

The low rep sets may only be used for the large, compound workouts for example, the barbell bench presses and squats. Another way in which you can manipulate the reps is trying to do partial. While in a typical rep, you may have to take a rest for a second before you can start the next rep, you can change this and extend it for about one and half seconds. This way, you are putting more tension on the muscles and it can allow you to work harder.

Seek the help of a Coquitlam fitness instructor in order to discover the different ways in which you can alter exercises. Some of these ways are complex and it may take time before you understand the logic and how to execute them. The more you relate with a fitness instructor, the more tricks you learn in working the body more effectively.