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Best Way to Gain Muscle: Getting Started Tips

Drink Shakes

Before your workout you want to mix up a protein shake that has a ratio of roughly two grams of carbs for every one gram of protein. You want to sip this shake during your workout.

Protein is essential for muscle gain. As mentioned above, carbs (and fat) are also required but protein is what actually builds the muscle tissue. The problem is, protein is not stored effectively in the body so it not used and is eliminated as waste relatively quickly. This explains why constant protein intake is necessary.

The most popular protein shake is whey protein powder which is made from cows milk. The reason for it’s popularity is because of the quick manner in which it leads to muscle growth and strength gains. You will want to drink a shake 30 minutes before the workout, during the workout (sipping) and 30 minutes after the workout.

Train the Entire Body

Training the entire body is very important for your overall goal to find the best way to gain muscle. You will get greater hormone release by training more of the muscles in your body. In turn, this hormone release will stimulate muscle growth all day long. You will want to work on each muscle group equally to ensure balanced training which will allow you to grow safely and quickly. This will help you to avoid injuries and to preserve your flexibility.

The best full-body workout routine will use mostly compound exercises because they work many muscles at the same time. A sample full-body workout session could consist of squats, bench press, pull-ups, military press, barbell curls and the ab roller.

The next full body workout could consist of deadlifts, bent over rows, dumbbell incline bench press, lateral raises, dumbbell tricep extensions and hammer curls. The point is, what you are doing is mixing up your sessions yet working out all of your muscles at the same time.


If you are a true beginner to working out to gain muscle, you may want to begin your workouts in the Coquitlam’s fitness gym or health club to take advantage of Coquitlam fitness trainers and other staff to help and teach you setup your training routine.

Another important warning is to rest a day between workouts. As a beginner, it may make sense to us to work out every day to achieve the maximum effect. This thought could not be further from the truth. By resting a day in-between, your muscles will be allowed to repair themselves from your previous workout.