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Burn Fat Without Muscle Loss – 8 Tips To Build Muscles And Lose Fat.

Although gaining muscles isn’t a real big problem with consistent training and dedicated efforts, it is always an up-hill task to lose the additional fat that you have grown due to either your diet or due your lifestyle.

So in order to track how much additional fat you are losing, you have to follow the following 8 Eagle Ridge Personal Fitness Training charismatic steps which would help you in your course to lose the unwanted fat.

–  Set your goal that you plan to achieve: you have to choose realistic goals that might be achievable over a short period of time, because once we aren’t able to reach the target we have set ourselves the will to carry on gets beaten up. Therefore your will power is very important.

– Water consumption: this is a very important phase as water is very essential for life even more than food and additional water helps in getting rid of additional fat, so consume as much as water you can ranging from 3.5 to 3 liters a day at least.

– Multiple meals: consume 5-6 miniature meals every day which are of high Protein and minimal fat.

– Do additional cardiovascular workouts at least 3-4 times every Week: 30 minute of cardio every time is recommended as it burns the fat more effectively than any other exercise.

– Consider doing intense weight training at least 2-3 three times every week: this would help in consumption of the additional fat that is stored in the body in the form of energy need to do those exercises.

– Maintain a calorie count helps: though many shun this idea, it can effectively calculate the amount of calories we need and the amount we are taking in through food we can actually limit our calorie content and try reducing our additional fat content.

– Exercise in sets: instead of doing 30 minutes cardio, consider the idea of doing 2 15 min session of cardio so that your body would attain the required rest in between the exercises and would respond better to it.

– Increase your weights training with every exercise. Don’t push yourself to the limit by over doing and suffering from cramps later, every time you do a new set of the exercise try increasing weights that you are capable of lifting.