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Critical Exercises to Build Muscle Fast and Efficiently

The most efficient means by which to build muscle mass when weight training is to focus the majority of your routine on what is known as Coquitlam’s “Compound Exercises”. There are a range of main compound weight training exercises that can be implemented into your routine and when applied correctly, they will be an invaluable benefit in your quest to build lean muscle mass. The critical exercises to build muscle fast and efficiently include:

Bench Press – Probably the most famous weight lifting exercise and certainly one of the most effective for building the upper body, the bench press helps to build the chest muscles as well as utilizing the triceps, shoulders and even the forearms. This exercise can be performed in a variety of ways to produce different results, for example Incline bench press will work the upper chest and shoulders more than flat bench press.

Barbell Back Squat – Considered by many bodybuilders to be the real “test of strength” exercise, Squats employ a huge number of muscles to perform. The main driving force in a properly executed barbell back squat is the Quadriceps; however all the leg muscles, the lower back and the abdominal muscles are all used to assist in the lift.

Deadlift – The Deadlift is another hugely beneficial exercise with the lower back working as the main muscle in the lift. When performed correctly a Deadlift will work not only the lower body but will also demand effort from the forearms, middle back and traps.

Other important Coquitlam’s compound movements to take into consideration include, the military press, barbell rows, dips and pull ups. All of these compound movements can help to develop a solid muscular foundation upon which a beginner can build upon so remember to use these critical exercises to build muscle fast and efficiently. Once the main compound exercises have been taken care of you can then think about adding a few isolation exercises to the end of your workout. Isolation movements such as barbell curls, lateral raises and calf raises are a good way of improving weak or lagging muscle groups, just remember to leave this until after the heavy compound exercises are complete.

It can often be a good idea to include some cardio into your weight training routine even if you are bulking up, besides helping to burn calories cardio can also improve the health of the heart and improve the hormonal profile of the body. Cardio can either be performed before weight training or on days when you are not lifting.