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Eagle Ridge Workout Program Routine – An Insane Workout Plan For Fat Loss in 1 Exercise!

Eagle ridge Workout Program Routine

If you are looking for an insane workout plan for you to lose the “bulge” then you have got to check out the following single fat loss method that I have included below. The only way for you to lose the belly fat and to acquire a set of rock hard abs you have got to significantly raise your level of perceived exertion. I have included a single exercise with a drastic fat burning plan for you to do that below! Read on if I have your attention.

Insane Workout Plan for Fat Loss!

One of the hardest hitting methods you can use in order to burn body fat is to engage in cardio strength training related exercises. To combine both elements of strength and cardio you will stand to incinerate a ton more calories and in the process burn more body fat. This can be done in any number of ways ranging from doing circuits, intervals, or super sets of varying degrees. Exercises can be structured to do what you want them to. In other words, if you want to develop a lot of muscle mass then you can gauge your workouts for you to put on muscle mass. If you want to lose weight then you can structure your workouts to maximize on calorie burning. The key is that no matter your goals, just be effective in how you do it.

If you are wanting an insane fat burning plan then one cardio strength routine that I am going to talk about involves the use of kettlebell snatches in the structure of a ladder routine. Now first of all what are kettlebell snatches? Well kettlebell snatches are a tremendous core, hip, leg, ab, shoulder, and lower back strength training exercise that just happens to be tremendous at building superior cardiovascular fitness at the same time. To execute the snatch lift you basically have to lift the bell by pulling it from either the ground or from between your legs up to a held position above your head in one smooth explosive movement. This is done by you having to engage your hips and knees in a powerful action of flexion and extension in order to build the momentum to elevate the bell to a high pull position just next to your head. This high pull position should mimic you “pulling back on a bow.” Once the bell reaches this position you must then vertically punch your palm towards the sky and lock out your arm to finish the lift.

Now what is the ladder routine? A ladder routine, in this case, involves you executing a single snatch with the bell in one arm and then changing over to the other arm to perform a single snatch. As soon as you execute the single rep with the second arm then switch back to the first arm to execute 2 snatches. You then switch back over to the second arm again to do 2 reps. The third switch will include 3 reps, and then 4, and so on until you reach the ceiling of how far you wish to go. If you want a truly insane workout with this then attempt to take the ceiling all the way to 10 with a moderately heavy bell and you will see what I mean about getting a serious cardio strength training workout.

If you haven’t already started including the kettlebell snatch and other insane fat loss kettlebell lifts into your regular workout routine then you are missing out. Take the time to learn more by accessing the rest of Eagle Ridge Fitness articles on the issue for free. Remember that almost anyone can train hard, but only the best, train smart my friend!