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Fitness trends to watch out for this 2016

A new year is here again and it seems like it’s going to be an active year for sports. So you better get ready to reach your fitness goals. Here are the Eagle Ridge Fitness trends to watch out for this 2016.

Running marathons

Running, both as a sport and a hobby, really took off in the past couple of years. And in 2016, it’s expected to continue its rise, particularly long distance running. People, it seems, are looking for more challenges. So expect running a marathon to trend in 2016. Whether it’s a 5k, 10k or even an Ironman-type marathon, it’s going to be a busy year for running shoes. If you’re new to running, try Nike shoes. Nike has a wide selection of running shoes, which also include minimalist shoes.


As everyday life seems to be getting more stressful, most people turn to fitness to relieve them of the stress. And Yoga is a great way to do that. Yoga, which has many forms like Bikram and Ashtanga, combines challenging poses with meditation and controlled breathing to help people be fit—physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga helps your body to be more flexible. So besides being a good fitness routine itself, it’s a great compliment to a sport or workout. If you’re experiencing a fitness plateau, Yoga can help you get out of the funk. Just remember to get your own Yoga mat, available at online shops, so you’ll be more comfortable during each session.

Walking, especially for older adults

Even older adults are becoming more conscious of their health. And since they have little time because of their busy schedules at work and at home, expected them to choose walking as a sport. Walking, though low-impact, provides a lot of fitness benefits if done regularly. It’s also convenient since you can do it almost anywhere. Also, if you plan to walk at home, search for a good treadmill at a reputable online shop. Don’t forget a good pair of running shoes as well.

Sports wearable and outdoor gadgets

Although it’s not technically an exercise or sport, wearables are expected to really trend this year. Wearable are devices which you can wear, similar to a watch or a clip, so it can track your progress. Typically, wearables monitor how many steps you’ve taken, your heart and pulse rate. However, other features like sleep monitoring, GPS tracking and smartphone capabilities have also surfaced, making wearables a must for health buffs.

Another device expected to trend are sports action cameras. With more people looking for ways to record their fitness activities without holding a camera in their hands, the need for mounted recorders are expected to increase.

For wearables, be sure to check out what Fitbit has to offer, while GoPro has a good selection of mounted recorders for your adventurous side.

As these trends take flight in 2016, remember to check out your favorite online shop, Sports Corner, for apparel and equipment and most importantly, your professional fitness trainers at Eagle Ridge Training. You should get the right stuff in order to fully enjoy what sports trends the New Year has to offer.