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Gain Muscle Mass By Sticking With The Basics

When learning how to gain muscle mass, many people fail to grasp the importance of sticking to the basics. Sure there are thousands of fancy tips and “cutting-edge” bodybuilding supplements that you can implement into your bodybuilding program, but at the end of the day, the only thing that actually helps you pack on muscle mass is applying the Eagle ridge fundamental bodybuilding principles.

Countless articles have been written touting the benefits of the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!) principle. Yet every night when I visit the gym I can’t help but notice the disproportionate ratio of impressive muscular bodies to the average overweight non-muscular bodies. If I stick around long enough, I inevitably notice that the vast majority of normal body types are focused intensely on some type of strange new “cutting edge” training program.

What’s going on here, certainly these people have seen some of the same info that I have?

There is no doubt that they had to do some serious studying to uncover the bizarre training routines that they so intently perform. Somewhere along the way, they had to run across at least a few of the timeless muscle building fundamentals that actually work…right?

Well after many years of noticing the same trend in gym, after gym, after gym, I’m assuming that the vast majority of people have never been exposed to the truth about building lean muscle mass. In order to set the record straight I’m taking it upon myself to unlock the mystery surrounding the timeless goal of learning how to build muscle!

So Exactly How Do you Gain Muscle Fast?

When it comes to building muscle, there is a very simple three-part process that you must always follow. There are absolutely no exceptions to this Eagle Ridge Fitness rule, so pay close attention!

#1 – In order to build muscle you must first stimulate muscle growth through some type of intense weight-training exercise.

While it’s true that everyone’s body responds differently to different types of training, it is universally accepted that heavy weight training inflicts the type of muscle damage that is required to stimulate both bone density and muscle growth.

As a general rule of thumb, the more basic compound free weight exercises like squats, dead lifts, bench press and bent rows seem to stimulate muscle growth more effectively than the isolation style exercises like preacher curls, leg extensions, and smith machine bench press.

Based on my experiences lifting very heavy weights for lower repetitions is a surefire way to gain muscle fast. Yes it’s uncomfortable. Yes it hurts. Yes it makes you sore for a few days after your workout. But let’s face it, if you never go outside of your comfort zone and lift progressively heavier weights, you’ll never stimulate any muscle growth!