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9 Wonders That Happens To Your Soul By Simple Walking

We live in a culture that honours Type A, driven behaviours. That includes exercise and for many people, it’s taken away the joy out of simply walking.

Instead of seeing walking as something you must do to get in shape, see it as a gift of being alive and let yourself fully enjoy the experience.
1) Walk with deep awareness of how it feels to move your body.
2) Experience the act of walking as if you’ve never, ever done it before.
3) Be aware. Be present in the moment. Really feel your body as you’re moving.
4) Look closely at how your feet feel with each rolling step on the earth. 
5) Notice the strength and power in your muscles. 
6) Feel yourself moving in space. 
7) Observe the wind on your skin and the temperature of the air. 
8) Have a beauty feast while you’re out. Notice the light coming through the leaves. See the flowers with fresh eyes.
9) Take a fresh consider the world as you move through it. Assume nothing. Experience the wonder of life as if you’ve never seen anything before. Watch the people as if you’d never seen a human before.

Let walking become a cherished and enriching part of your life. Turn it into something wonderful that you look forward to with both body and soul. The above article is for information purposes, written by an Eagle Ridge Fitness Personal Trainer, who consults people who are serious about a fitness plan in their lives.