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Steps to Losing Excess Weight Using pH Factor Management System

Huge numbers of people spend billions of dollars, hoping to achieve a similar thing, effective weight management.  For years, many people have struggled to maintain a healthy weight and body.  With a majority of Americans being overweight or even obese, the problem has grown into a crisis.  Nearly 300,000 people die each year from weight-related disease.

Every week seems to bring out the next fad diet designed to help you “shed the pounds.”  The problem is that many of these programs are not effective. Some work for some days, but the weight comes back.  Others are downright unhealthy.  From products to exercise equipment, people are looking for the answer to their weight-management problem.

We believe the key to effective weight-management is a lifestyle of health. The pH Factor Weight-Management System combines a sensible eating plan, exercise, water consumption, and superior nutrition to help you create a lifestyle of health.

We feel the missing key to this challenge for many is the pH factor.  Since blood pH is so critical to life, the body protects the blood at all costs. The typical diet consists of foods that when digested create acid that is put into the blood.  The body has to neutralize this acid or risk major problems.  Fat is among the primary buffers used by the body to help deal with acid.  When the body cannot neutralize acid, it stores it in fat cells.

When attempting to lose fat, we typically cut calories.  But, if our system remains acidic, then instead of burning fat, which would release more acid into the system, the body burns muscle instead.  The pH Factor Weight-Management System helps you to identify those foods that are creating excess acid in the system and also provides products that are alkaline. This combination can allow you to raise your body pH, thereby creating an environment for health.

A lifestyle of health is paramount to weight-management and health.  This includes:  sensible eating, moderate and consistent exercise, sufficient water consumption, and a good nutritional program.  The pH Factor Rapid Weight-Loss System combines these into a simple plan.  For the next 14 days, we will transform your body into a more effective, fat-burning machine.  Order your products a get started’ll be glad you did!!!

With an effective training program provided by an experienced Coquitlam Personal Trainer, you can easily incorporate the pH factor weight management system into practise.