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Low Carb Diets

“Low Carb Diets” on the way out…

To see the “low carb” diets in route out is a significantly reflective process, not that I was an advocate of ketogenic diets at all until you have Adolescent Epilepsy, but bringing the “low carb or ketogenic diet” to the forefront of our American Society meant that more everyone was being educated about obesity, food and eating.

This acknowledgment about food was astounding and became overwhelming, causing restaurant chains and some farmers to essentially suffer with these trendy diets, people have lost farms which were in their families for years , businesses that lend job and economic stability to a place, have gone out of business or lost business, all on a dietary whim, without research done on the side-effects of “not eating” what these diets restrict.
“What negative effects?” you ask. Okay, so you’ve lost a lot of weight by eating tons of meat and fat, maybe your cholesterol numbers aren’t out of reach, but, have you had your bowels checked lately? You understand, eating that much meat and fat can only do something to your intestines and colon, and that’s putrefying products in the bowels. Pretty disgusting, huh?
As you grow older, you lose the capability to digest food like you use to when you had been young and had plenty of enzymes. Sometimes, that arises from just age, but sometimes it arises from disease and antibiotic use, the purpose being that, the reduced carb diet’s started you from food that you may not manage to absorb anyway which means you haven’t been absorbing the vitamins and minerals that your system needs to begin, process or finish some important tasks.
“So what’s the harm in that”, you may say, “I’ve lost weight and feel great, and I don’t feel sick; You most likely wouldn’t. There are illnesses that you never see coming until it’s too late. One of the leading reasons for Colon Cancer, is eating an over abundance of meat and fat, and not being able to digest that protein and fat in the system. When enough damage is performed, you do not absorb minerals and vitamins like you’re suppose to, and you start to produce other problems, much more serious problems, like cancers.
I must admit, that the “Atkins” type diets do advocate not eating the processed and manufactured foods that break down so fast into sugars you can almost hear run into the veins! And that is still true, the body was made to accomplish the job of breaking down complex carbohydrates right into a more standard usable energy. The breakdown of an entire grain, fresh vegetable or fruit product also take a quantity of energy, so not just does your system use energy to break this healthy food down, you might also need the advantage of plenty of fiber, which ensures you keep the intestines and colon clean and functioning well.
So, what’s the next trend, I do believe the next trend will probably function as the “old fashion” fat loss plan. This is a tried and true approach to fat loss that anyone can do and it tastes great. This could involve healthy, low or slow absorbing carbohydrates, counting and burning calories, and exercise! A balanced diet, along with knowing just how many calories you’ll need to consume per day, to either maintain your weight, or lose weight, and a workout program to offer your bones and muscles grounds to keep strong, not just a trendy type diet, but a healthy lifestyle as you are able to live with for the others of your lifetime, that still has room for a periodic treat now and then. “Low carb” is out, the newest trend is “healthy and better tasting proportions. For best diet plans and workout exercises, consult with a Coquitlam Personal Trainer today!